Tee-Ball Registration Opens March 1, 2021

UpdatedSaturday February 27, 2021 byJody Baughman.

Tee-ball registration opens on March 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021

Tee-ball (Ages 4-6) Rate $75

Tee-ball draft night will be held towards the end of May

You will recieve your schedule, jersey, hat, meet your coach and take a team photo.  Location Springfield Elementary.

SYAA Tee-ball Rules

  • Games will be 4 innings or 45 minutes, no new innings will be started after 40 minutes
  • Every player hits off of the batting tee, there will be no pitching (a player will remain at bat until they hit the ball and put it in play)
  • There will be no walks or strikeouts
  • No extra base hits will be allowed, players may advance on base when the ball is put in play.
  • All players will bat on offense and the inning will conclude when the last batter has batted
  • Last batter will run all the bases
  • No leading or stealing, players stay on base until ball is batted
  • When on offense, one coach will be allowed 1st base, on at 3rd base and one at home plate with the batter
  • All players can play defense, 5 players for the infield, extra plaers can be placed in the outfield (no catcher will be used)
  • The pitcher will start on the pitching rubber to remain a safe distance from the batter
  • All defensive players need to have a glove/mitt
  • When on defense, two coaches may be on the field

T-Ball Informatin And Rules.docx